Company Overview

Mullin International is one of America's pre-eminent consulting resources for organizations engaged in critical management changes. Simply stated, we provide extraordinary assistance to individual executives and their families during periods of change. Most typically this assistance takes the form of an individualized career transition process for executives and senior executives. 

 In business since 1980, Mullin International has a superior reputation for providing individual personal service. We are able to do this because our career consultants have significant business experience, have personally experienced outplacement, and dedicate appropriate time to each candidate because of the manageable candidate/consultant ratio. As an example, with our Quality Assurance Program we require consultants to maintain a consultant/candidate ratio of 1:20, the lowest in the outplacement industry. 

Our Success is based on several factors, including:

  • High Quality Staff
    A consulting project can only be as successful as the consultants handling the work. Our greatest resource is a close-knit team of distinguished professionals who have been carefully selected for their own managerial success, breadth of experience, academic achievement, and dedication.

  • Top Management Focus
    Understanding the leadership demands, management issues, and personal challenges facing our clients is the key to providing longer-time career solutions, rather than just helping them find other jobs. We provide a holistic approach that looks at financial, career, family, and other conditions affecting the executive's career transition.

  • Proven Approach
    We are acknowledged by our clients (both individuals and organizations) and the consulting community itself, as pioneers in our field. Our methods work. Our comprehensive and systematic approach has proven effective in many hundreds of assignments in highly diverse industries covering virtually every functional specialty since 1980.

  • Professional Ethics
    We build long-lasting trust relationships with clients based on their satisfaction with the value we have added and by remaining with them through the situation they are working to resolve. We are committed to reaching the best solution for our client, regardless of the necessary effort on our part.


Why Choose Mullin

 At Mullin International we have developed cutting-edge technology to offer multiple technological solutions, both in-house and e-options while keeping the same professional level of service for which we are known. Career Workspace ™, our cutting edge career portal, is available for our candidates to access all of our research, job search, and organizational tools with the flexibility and convenience of the Internet, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

With our full-time senior consultants -- and access to carefully selected, proven professional resources in every major city -- our firm is fully capable of meeting client needs on a local, regional, national, and international basis.

The innovative technology and skilled consultants described above lead to real results.  Our candidates transitioned to a new position in an average of 3.8 months. Additionally, a total of 90% of candidates reported about the same or greater satisfaction with their new job.